You may have heard of an advertising trend called ‘reactive marketing’. In this form, brands try to get a say in the water cooler conversations going on. Today that would be discussions like the ‘workplace/home’ debate. From EE to Dettol, everyone’s trying to capitalize on the conversation being had by UK businesses.


It’s one thing to take advantage of a situation. It’s another to take full advantage of it. And that, I believe, is what the marketing agency NOW had done for Workspace.


As a shared workspace solution, Workspace has an opinion here. But it was the detail used to express that opinion that gave Workspace a distinct voice here. Down to the last full-stop- more accurately, the deliberate thereof- every subtle detail effectively screamed its message from the buses.


Let’s break it down:


The most obvious detail is the number of times WFH is mentioned- three. Three lockdowns. The fourth time around, we’re back in the office. Hopefully, permanently this time.


First of all, the colours. Nothing indicates a mood change better than an abrupt change of shade. The font changes abruptly from a light blue to a bold purple, representing the change in the general mood. As if to say that we went from the same old repetitive work from home scenario to a fresh start at the office. Finally, after months of ‘same old, same old’, there’s a sense of renewed vigour as we all make a fresh start at the office.



The second point of note is the creative use of punctuation—namely, the full stop after each abbreviation. As we know, a comma or semi-colon can change the meaning of a whole sentence. Full stops mean the end of the conversation. The subtle message being that work from home is a dead-end solution. Something that doesn’t work long-term. But working from an office? Now that’s more like it. That’s where the conversation begins. That’s where the future lies.


Thirdly, the hashtag. As any millennial knows, this indicates where the conversation is at these days. In Workspace’s ad, only WFW warrants a hashtag. In other words, the conversation has shifted from making the best of working from home to getting back to the office again. Work from home? That’s an old topic, something from a bygone era.


There’s something to learn here. And if you’re looking to get your brand out there, it’ll have some profound implications for you.


We speak about the devil being in the details. But what Workplace’s ads show are the difference that these details make. The tone-of-voice, the length of your sentences, the size of your paragraphs. A good marketer makes sure that every aspect of their copy adds something to the stories being told.


These details matter. Make sure each one plays its part in telling your story. Every word, every sentence, every paragraph needs to add something valuable. And if it doesn’t, it doesn’t belong in your copy.

 Are you struggling to get the details right in your copy?

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