What We Have to Offer


Need high quality original content that is SEO optimized and verified for originality? I can do that for you!

Website Copy

Once upon a time, you didn't need a copywriter to help with your website. you just had to plop on some text explaining what you do. Those days are gone. Today everyone in your field is shouting their wares online and you've got to stand out to your target market. And you've got to be near the front of the queue. Hiring the right copywriter isn't a luxury anymore. It's a necessity! In case you haven't yet realised, there's a man behind AbWord who goes by the name 'Ari'. He will make sure your story is told online clearly and compellingly. He'll help you convince your customer that you are their answer. And with the SEO tricks he's learnt as a copywriter, he'll hopefully convince the Google bots to rank your site highly. At least high enough to be seen on page 4. So, if that all sounds good to you, Ari is ready to give you a hand. There's his info at the bottom of the page!

Print Copy

The future of print media is debatable. But in 2019 it's still here. And there's certainly a market for it. And if that market is the one that you are after, you should definitely include print media in your campaign! Whether it's a leaflet, a brochure or a newspaper advert, you want your content to be read, understood and acted on. AbWord is there to help you make sure your print copy achieves just that. Sounds good to you? Well, I'm Ari (the A in AbWord) and I'm up for a chat whenever you are. Just send an email or pick up the phone!


I have a question for you: If you're a business owner operating in 2019, I don't need to talk to you about the growing trend towards inbound marketing. You know that knocking on doors and pushing your brand doesn't work anymore. You know that a good blog will give your customers the confidence to trust you. You know that a good SEO optimized blog will increase your online presence.

Email Newsletters

I bet you have an option on your site to sign up for an email newsletter. I also bet that none of your customers have ever seen a newsletter from you. Because you’ve never sent one! Not because you don’t want to. You just don’t have time, patience or…...(fill in the blank) to write one. That’s a pity, because a good email newsletter can really increase awareness and traffic to your site. It can also help your SEO, as it means that your site is regularly updated with fresh content. So here’s the deal: How about we work together to plan a schedule, devise a strategy and get those emails written and sent properly! I’m ready for a chat if you are, so give me a ring or an email and we’ll get talking!