Do leaflets and brochures still have staying power?

Given the fact that they sit on people’s desks, fridges and coffee tables for days, weeks or months, I’d say they do. Quite literally.

Print media is often the first exposure your potential customers will have to your brand. Get it right, and you’ll have them convinced. Get it wrong and you risk (cliche alert) leaving a lot of money on their tables. 

Copy that sounds as appealing and professional as the design it’s supposed to work with gets results. That’s the kind of explosive stuff that I love writing.

Copy that’s clearly written by your in-house bookkeeper might not have the right effect (to be polite!). Telltale signs of that are the mistakes you won’t find in AbWord-written copy. Misdemeanors like mising spelt without an ‘s’*, or forgetting the full stop at the end of a sentence *

(*=errors meant for demonstration purposes. Sometimes you’ve got to break the rules to ’em!)

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