Client: A pottery artist offering therapeutic pottery workshops to entrepreneurs

Project: A proposal written to pitch a client’s business idea to the managers of a shared workspace building in Belgium. As English is a second language there, the focus is on keeping the copy concise.


X was designed as a light, airy office space. The relaxed ambience attracts entrepreneurs looking for a calm working space.

However, the atmosphere is rigid and tense. Although the right environment lessens tension at the start of the tenancy, it doesn’t remove the loneliness and general stresses entrepreneurs experience. The subsequent tension then feeds into the atmosphere.

Research shows that creative outlets like art can reduce stress. Therefore, I would like to offer your clients the chance to let out their stress through weekly pottery workshops.

The session begins with a motivational speech, or breathing exercises to get into the right mindset.

I set participants a task involving clay, e.g. to make a mug, using their creativity, under gentle guidance.

Sessions will take place in the centre of the building, where passers-by can enjoy the atmosphere as well.

The pottery club is a result of years of training in trauma therapy techniques. It combines my experience working with trauma patients with my love of art.

Although the clientele is primarily youth, I have recently extended the service to adults.  Many clients have told me how the techniques learnt have helped them become more productive.

I look forward to bringing a lighter, more work-conducive atmosphere to x.