Moving abroad with furniture: What to take and what to leave

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So, you’ve decided to bid the UK ‘cheerio’ and make a new start somewhere else on this planet. Everything’s already taken care of in your future country of residence. Schools, jobs, home and citizenship are all ‘in the bag’.


But what about the stuff that goes into the bag (or the box) literally?


This can be an agonizing issue, especially when it comes to furniture. After all, shipping furniture costs money- lots of it. So, is it worth shipping that dining room table? Hopefully, these questions will help you decide.


  1. What kind of house are you moving to?


What’s worse than spending money on shipping your couch only to find that your new home has no room for it? Knowing the dimensions of your new home will help you see whether you’ve got the space for your current furniture.


  1. Is it cheaper to buy furniture there?


Unless you’re going to a third world country, you’re bound to have no problem getting furniture there. And once you’ve factored in the costs, there’s a good chance that buying new furniture in your new home country is a cheaper option. In the case of expensive furniture, perhaps consider selling it on E-bay or Gumtree.


  1. How much sentimental value has it got?

Living overseas can be tough, especially if you’re away from family. But having Grandma’s old couch with you in your new home will make the migration that much easier.


  1. What’s the climate like?

Wooden furniture doesn’t cope well with heat. Neither does leather. If that couch is unlikely to fare well in your new home, now might be a good time to bid it farewell.

      5. Is your furniture designed well for international travel?

Even if packed well, there’s no guarantee that your chosen furniture will arrive in good shape. If you Grandma’s old couch is too fragile, a rigorous journey isn’t worth the risk.

If you do decide to take it, it will be packed professionally by your movers. Just make sure your international removals company has an inventory of what you’ll be taking.


6. How long are you going to be there for?


If the plan is to spend a couple of years abroad and then return to the UK, you’ll want to keep that sentimental couch in good shape when you return. It might do better waiting for you at a storage facility here in the UK. But if you are putting down new roots for good, you might just want Grandma’s old couch to come with you.


It may be hard to part with furniture that has been part of your life for so long. But just remember, you’re starting afresh. Now’s your opportunity for a new beginning. And whatever you do or don’t take from your previous life, you’re in for a wonderful new adventure.


Bon voyage and good luck in your new life!