Kettle chips leaflet

(NOTE: This piece was written as a course assignment)

The perfect packet of Kettle Chips…

…needs no artificial flavours or MSG. Good old natural ingredients taste great as they are!

…contains chips hand-selected by a someone who is trained to make sure only the best crisps get into the packet.

…is made with the best British potatoes available, grown in the warm climate of Cumbria.

…involves suppliers based within 25 miles of our factory

…is made on British soil with British farmers and British suppliers.

…has been made using the methods that have worked so well for 35 years.


Add to that one of our three fantastic natural flavours and you have a bag full of nutritional goodness.

‘I keep a 6-pack on my desk at all times. The perfect way to get to some Vitamin C into my diet!” Vikki, freelance accountant, Gloucestershire.

If that sounds like a snack for you, we’ve got a 60% discount code waiting for you to use for your first packet. Hungry? Log on to for the code, use it at your local Kettle chips retailer and get snacking.


Only the best potatoes will do


The perfect golden crunch