JPT Services page

Company: A multiple-service IT company.

Project:    Service descriptions for the homepage, with the headings being links to the relevant service pages.

Data retrieval

Lost your company’s data? No need to panic! Give us a call and we’ll have it up again before long.

Custom built PC

Need to find a PC that fits your exact specifications and your budget?

Why not go for a custom-built PC? Have your machine built from scratch or choose from one of our own customizable models.


Having experts available 24/7 to take your calls is a basic reassurance. But ‘basic’ isn’t good enough for us. That’s why all computers managed by us are equipped with software to pinpoint problems and inform us so we can fix them remotely before you’ve even noticed.

Technology repairs

Who says quality, speed and cheap don’t go together? See how we can use our expertise to have your phone or tablet repaired properly without the long wait or the heavy price tag.


PC slowing down? Don’t rush to spend money on a new one. Not before checking with us to pinpoint the problem and have it solved for much less. Whether it’s the hard drive, RAM, graphics card, processor or motherboard, we’ll diagnose the problem and replace the part.

E-commerce return

Are you an Amazon UK seller? Do you struggle with returns that cost you a fortune? Amazon UK returns don’t need to be an issue. Have it sent to us to see if we can have them sent to us to have them repaired, repackaged and ready to sell on to the next customer.