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Print copy? Who reads Print copy in 2018? Aren’t printed newspapers dying? Maybe. But it’s a prolonged death!  Free tabloids such as The Metro are read by millions of people every day. And we’re still surrounded by mammoth-sized billboards wherever we go. Print copy remains a big part of the media industry even today. Print copy-Digital copy combination package Think about it. Your potential client sees your ad or press release in the paper one morning. He sees it again on a billboard at the station. Both ads display Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn icons. On the train, he takes out his phone and follows you on twitter. There’s a good chance he’ll head to your website and buy something before he arrives. Even if he doesn’t get online, the print copy alone can make an impact.  Studies by the US Post Office indicate that print copy remains in our memories much longer than digital ads. At AbWord, we believe that combining print copy and digital copy could maximise your brand’s exposure. We aim to engage your target audience wherever they are. Have a look at some of our projects, and get in touch with us today. NOTE TO DEVELOPER: ‘some of our projects’ is a hyperlink to the ‘projects’ page. ‘Get in touch with us today’ is a hyperlink to the ‘contacts’ page.   METADATA: complement your online marketing with print copy from AbWord Maximise your brand exposure by combining the benefits of online marketing with the advantages of print copy. See how AbWord can make that happen.