Grodzinski Advertorial

Company: A Kosher Bakery, serving the Orthodox Jewish Community in North London

Project: Advertorial for an annual community publication.


London’s oldest Kosher bakery has now entered a new chapter. Under new management, Grodzinski continues to serve the community as it has been doing for well over a century.


From the first pastries to come out of the Oven in their first premises, Judith and Harris Grodzinski established a tradition of excellence. It was a philosophy they learnt at home in Lithuania and passed on to their children here in the UK. It has continued uninterrupted, as the bakery expanded to Dunsmure Road in 1930 and Clapton Common in 1961. It remained intact through two world wars and was passed on through three generations of the Grodzinski family.


That tradition lives on. Today Grodzinski is a gold member of CBA craft bakers, with a newly received 5-star health and safety rating from Safer Food Scores. When it comes to quality, compromise is not an option.


But there’s another value the Grodzinski family held dear since day one. When it came to kosher observance, only the best would do for these legendary family bakers. So, it’s hardly surprising that Grodzinski is the Kedassia Licensing Agency’s oldest licensee. No surprise either that the bakery is the only one to have a supervisor onsite throughout the day. The management wants its customer to enjoy its goods without compromising on their standards, and that has not changed and never will.


But while the basic foundations stay the same, the business itself hasn’t. with a growing Jewish community comes growing expectations, and Grodzinski has expanded to meet them.


Walking into the main Clapton Common Branch, you’ll never know that it started with a few rolls. You’re spoilt for choice. Not had breakfast? Hungry for lunch? Enjoy a delicious omelette or falafel from the deli counter. Or one of the many sandwiches or salads from the fridge. For fish lovers, there are our cooked salmon pieces and yes, there’s a sushi selection too. Treat yourself to a chocolate croissant or cheese Danish with a coffee. and of course, there’s our delicious range of bread, bagels and rolls. Something for every taste, from the sweet-toothed snackers to the health-conscious.


One of Grodzinski’s favourite services is food for family events. Whether it’s an engagement, a birthday or a business event, the staff are ready to prepare any amount of platters of rolls, cakes and sushi to help celebrate or impress.


In fact, Grodzinski staff stand ready for anything, including wholesale orders. ‘too big/small’ is an answer you’ll never hear when calling in with an order. We’re prepared to help with anything, of any size.


The recent change in management heralds the beginning of the next chapter. As its new manager, Volvi Eckstien has plans for Grodzinski’s future. But whatever the future brings, some things will never change. Quality and kosher standards at Grodzinski are not up for compromise. And they never will be.


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