Kendamil Mehadrin advertorial 2

Project : an advertorial for the Jewish Tribune and Global Kosher in advance of  the launch of Kendamil Mehadrin’s baby formula  in Israel.

Kendamil Mehadrin:
The mother’s dream travels East!


Ever since Kendamil launched its Mehadrin product to the kosher market, Jewish mothers across the globe have discovered the key to a contented baby. That is, besides those mothers living in Israel. For the last few years, Anglo-Israeli expats have had to wait for mummy and daddy’s visits to feed their
children nutritiously.


But from early 2021, lugging suitcases of Kendamil Mehadrin when visiting your Israeli grandchildren will be a thing of the past. The dream is now ready to come to the Holy Land.


To CEO Mr Ross McMahon, Kendamil’s successful introduction to the Jewish community is no surprise. “If the product tastes good, is well priced and helps children sleep contentedly, you have a winning product”. Judging by the reaction, it seems that the Jewish community realised this as well. “I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of emails we’ve had from the Jewish community all over the world to thank us,” says Mr McMahon.


The Kendamil Mehadrin success story began in late 2016 with the UK’s Orthodox Jewish population. Within a short time, the overwhelming success prompted the team at Global Kosher and Kendal Nutricare to expand to the rest of Europe. Canada and the US naturally followed suit.


But getting the product to Israel proved to be extremely challenging and over 2 years in the making.
The biggest hurdle the team faced was satisfying the strict requirements of the Israeli Health Ministry. “The MOH have sent high level inspectors over to examine the facilities and oversee every aspect of the process, from manufacturing to labelling,” says Moishe Feldman, MD at Global Kosher. “They’ve worked with us and have been extremely helpful.”


Kosher dietary requirements are always the foremost concern for the religious Jewish consumer in Israel. But with one of the most respected Rabbinic supervision organisations in the world on board, that was the easy part,  “The Kedassia symbol has a sterling reputation in Israel,” Mr Feldman says.


According to Mr Neill Duffy, Global Head Of Sales at Kendal Nutricare, Kendamil’s wholemilk formula puts it ahead of competitors who use vegetable oil and skimmed milk. “A baby’s digestive system has to work harder when there are no natural fats. The result is often constipation problems and colic. A whole milk formulation makes it easier for the child to digest it so that the child avoids those problems and sleeps better.”


A pandemic is an unusual time to consider entering foreign markets. But as Mr Duffy asserts, if there’s anything the public has learnt from this, it’s the importance of buying the right baby formula.


“The most relevant factor that has risen from the COVID situation is the company’s quality. All the appropriate vitamins that a baby would need for nutrition and fortification of the immune system is in the Kendamil recipe.”


Currently, Global Kosher is in the final stages of negotiations with their extended partners and Israeli distributors, intending to launch in early 2021.