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The task was to describe the benefits of the different types of jewellery in a fun tone.

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Plain Wedding Rings

Sometimes beauty lies in simplicity, especially when it comes to wedding rings. A simple round band symbolises an unending commitment to your intended.  The Online Jewellers plain wedding rings include a High Polished Finish to give it a shine that underscores the symbolism.

Don’t be concerned about limiting yourself to one choice.  a choice of patterns and a frosted finish alternative option allows you to customise it

to suit you and your bride’s tastes.

For rings wider than 2mm, you can engrave your partner’s name to make it extra special!

Palladium Wedding Rings

Who says you have to break the bank to get the perfect ring for your special moment?

Palladium rings are easy to maintain and are 40% cheaper than platinum. But that doesn’t make it inferior in any way; a good palladium ring will always maintain it’s silvery-white colour and will never need replacing. And that’s certainly true if you’re purchasing it from the Online Jewellers since you’ll be getting the best quality palladium available on the market. Choose from our court, flat court and soft court palladium rings of all sizes and weights. Pay as little as £104 or as much as £704.20.

Soft Court Wedding Rings

Sometimes comfort is the deciding factor in choosing a ring. Soft court rings are considered the most comfortable rings there are. The edges are smooth and allow for a gradual curve on the inside and outside. The ring can be slipped on and off without too much difficulty. Of course, the basic comfort features have been considered as well. As with all our rings, there’s a choice of sizes and weights to fit any finger with ease, making it a true joy to wear,

Platinum Wedding rings

Get you and your bride a ring that is scratch resistant and has a brilliant natural brightness. Something that is hypoallergenic and won’t be affected negatively by your/your wife’s skin.

Give her that special feeling of wearing something made of extremely rare material. Platinum is one of the strongest metals there is, and we use the best quality platinum available- Platinum S950. A platinum ring from us looks great, feels awesome and can hold a diamond in an iron grip!

Gold Wedding Rings

A marriage is everlasting. How about getting something that has just as much longevity. A yellow gold ring doesn’t get tarnished or lose its colour easily. It could stay in great shape for years. As with all our rings, you can be sure that it’s genuine stuff, and that it complies with all the UK regulations since we run every ring past the London Assay Office for hallmarking. Why not take advantage of yellow gold’s malleability and have it personalised with your beloved’s name?

18ct Gold Wedding Rings

If you’re going for gold, how about going for a strong kind that keeps your diamond in place? 18 kt gold are strong enough to hold your diamond in the most challenging situations. Added to that is the deep colour 18 karates give you.  And don’t worry about the effects of the pre-purchase voyage from China. It never had one! Like all our rings, our 18kt gold rings are made lovingly here in the UK; just a short van ride away from the warehouse. It’ll be with you within a few days of ordering in the same condition it was in when it started its journey to you.

White Gold Wedding Rings

If you want a type of gold which will accentuate the shine in your diamond, you’d want to consider our White Gold ring collection. It’s got that clean white sheen that brings out the diamond’s brilliance. To bring out the full beauty of the ring, will give that whiteness a mirror-like shine of its own by adding a Supreme High Polish Finish.

9kt gold Wedding Rings

If you’d like a gold piece for your big day but have a small budget, 9kt gold might be an option for you. A nice, strong piece that can hold a diamond well for a price within your means. It’s made up of a combination of alloys, making it a durable option too. As with all our rings, size isn’t an issue either. However big or small your or your soulmate’s finger is, there will almost certainly be a size for it. With our 9kt rings, You’re bound to find something that’ll fit both finger and budget nicely!

Patterned jewellery

Are you looking for something as unique as you are? Something with a bit of personality, perhaps? How about some patterned jewellery from our collection? There’s the Angular ring with its sharp edges. You’ve got the Hammered-out ring, with its jagged surface. How about the Horizontal cut, which gives you steep cervices between its squares. Whatever your and your intended’s tastes, it shouldn’t be too hard to find something that takes your fancy, with a width and weight to suit you!

Argentum rings

Fancy something bright? How about an Argentum wedding ring! The Germanium mixed in gives it a special, luminous lustre. It’s a popular option for wedding rings. And for a good reason. Made from the best quality Argentum silver available, it’s flexible enough for us to incorporate a finish and pattern chosen by you. With price ranges between £24-48, this is a great option to tie the knot with something special when money is tight.

Personalised necklaces

A necklace with your wife’s, partner’s, mother’s or daughter’s name on it speaks volumes about your love for her. You’ve got numerous options with fonts that speak to your wife/partner’s personality, be it a kid’s comic style for the young or young at heart, a fun Alako style, or a sophisticated Carrie style.


Every woman loves a necklace, something to match that pretty dress she wears. It makes her feel special and loved every time she looks in the mirror. Personalised, gold, silver 18k, 22k…  at The Online Jewellers, you shouldn’t have a problem picking out something that your loved one will enjoy. And with a price range of £29-89, you can find something nice without breaking the bank.

Sterling Silver Necklaces

Want to buy your wife or girlfriend something that never goes out of fashion? Sterling Silver’s elegance has allowed it to stay in fashion while all other jewellery trends have come and gone. A Sterling Silver necklace can be just as fashionable in fifty years as it is today. Whether it’s plain 925 Sterling Silver or 22 Carate Gold Plating, a sterling silver necklace from The Online Jewellers is bound to put a smile on its owner’s face!

Yellow Gold Necklaces

Do you want to buy your wife a necklace that won’t tarnish, corrode or lose its colour over time? Something with a nice warm colour? Your best option for a neckpiece may well be a 9ct gold necklace from The Online Jewellers. With our personalised range, you can add your wife’s name to make it that bit more special.