I don’t care about you.

Sounds selfish. But speaking as a customer, it’s true. I don’t care about how many years you’ve been in the business.

I don’t care what degrees or qualifications you have.

I don’t care how many customers you have satisfied over the years or how many products you’ve sold.

I care about what you can do for ME.

Your education, experience and references only matter if you can show me how they will help ME.

I’ve been looking at several sites lately. Websites that discuss the advantages of their product, the company’s experience, how they are the best in the industry, etc.

But, in most cases, every second or third word is ‘I’/’We’.  Very little/no mention of the word ‘you’. it’s you standing in a crowd of others, putting your hand up and jumping up and down excitedly trying to shout louder than everyone else.

You might have a great service. You might have been in the service for years. But so do your competitors.  I, your potential customer, want to hear about how you can help ME. I don’t need to know how amazing you are.. I want to see you empathising with me. I need you to show that you really understand my problem. You appreciate what I’m going through and have something that can help solve my specific problem.

Remember, there are always people out there who have problems that only you can help tackle. Let those people see that your strengths are not just there for show, but can actually help THEM!

Keep well