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I’m Ari and as a copywriter, I’m here to write marketing copy that intrigues your ideal customers.


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Ari Blum

When the baby food became applesauce

If you could meet one deceased person, who would that individual be? In my case, I would choose my paternal grandfather, or, using the yiddish name grandkids lovingly used for him, Zeidah. At age 30, he was forced away from a rather idyllic life in

Ari Blum

Copywriting myths part 2

Myth 4: Keep it all formal and serious   Two statements: We hereby welcome you to a most enjoyable social gathering to mark the commencement of business at our new enterprise.   Guess what? We’re in business and YOU are invited to party with us

Ari Blum

Copywriting myths part 1

Myth 1: Copywriting is about intellectual property laws and the © sign at the bottom of a great (or otherwise) work of art   Well, if you’ve never seen the word spelt in print, you could get away with thinking that people like me are

Ari Blum

An honest look at honest copywriting

As with all elements of marketing, copywriting has its rules. These are based on human behaviour observed from data and, for the most part, they work. But sometimes rules need to be broken. People change and a bit of disruption is needed. Especially when people

Ari Blum

I Don’t Care!

I don’t care about you. Sounds selfish. But speaking as a customer, it’s true. I don’t care about how many years you’ve been in the business. I don’t care what degrees or qualifications you have. I don’t care how many customers you have satisfied over

Ari Blum

Simply put…

My wife and I are on our way back from somewhere, and stop at a service station. Lo and behold, there are the usual signs reminding all weary travellers to pay before getting out of the car for a break. It’s  nice and easy, the signs say.


Ari has been fantastic to work with- he completely understood what we needed and has helped drastically improve our website.

Motti Hoffman